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Slope IO

About Slope IO

Slope IO is a ball-rolling game based on the slope game series. Control your ball on endless races using arrow keys. Overcome all obstacles in Slope IO!

The rolling ball competition is held in a sloping city. Do want to participate in this competition? It is also a chance to explore this special city. This city has many different platforms. These flatforms will gradually slope. The more you run, the steeper the slope. Surrounded by buildings. However, these buildings are not ordinary. They are built from neon blocks. This has created a new and unfamiliar space. You will feel interesting things when coming to this city. Don't hesitate! Grab your ball and get ready to take part in this competition. How far can you go?

How to play Slope IO

This slope game's mechanics are super simple and it is easy to control. In this game, you have to control a ball to roll as far as possible. In order to steer your ball, you need to use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys. Your ball will automatically roll. You just need to navigate it left or right. Therefore, whether you have played this game or not, you can easily control the ball.

However, during the run, you need to avoid colliding with obstacles and falling into space. In order to achieve this goal, you will face countless difficult challenges. Can you conquer this Slope game or not? Read on and find out what challenges you might face.

Noticeable Dangers During Running

The most important thing you need to know is that red is the color of defeat. If you collide with any of the red obstacles, the game will be over.

There are various deadly square cubes that you can find along the road. These squares are red. These squares can be in any position. It can be in the middle or at the edge of the platforms. In particular, they can move in different directions and speeds. They can move in many directions. These red blocks can move from left to right, from right to left, or from top to bottom. The farther you run, the more obstacles you face.

Besides, be careful when rolling through the tunnel. The tunnels will appear regularly. There are two walls around. These walls will have red blocks. This is the dead zone for your ball. These are spacious dome tunnels. In addition, there are small tunnels just enough for the ball to pass through. The two sides of the tunnel are nothing but red blocks.

Moreover, the slopes are really steep and unpredictable. These slopes are increasingly inclined and become more unpredictable. Another problem is the variation in the size and shape of platforms. Platforms can be big or small. They can be straight or they can be curved. Lots of platform styles in this Slope Io game. Besides, the distance between the two platforms is also different.

Furthermore, the ball rolls at a really fast speed. The speed of the ball will increase over time. The farther you run, the higher the ball's speed is.

How to Beat the Challenges in this game

First, you should look full screen instead of just looking at the ball. Thanks to that way, you can see what obstacles are coming. You can anticipate the changes in the platform and the position of the red obstacles. As a result, you can deal with them more easily.

Second, as you run through the tunnels, make sure the ball moves in the middle of the tunnel. If you move near two walls, collision will be very likely. In particular, you can move above the ceiling of the tunnel. There is a ramp at the top of the tunnel. You can go to the ceiling this way. However, it is easy to fall into space if you choose this path.

Next, to jump over large distances between two platforms, you can use jumping platforms. They are platforms with an upward slope. Therefore, the ball can jump further if using these platforms.

Finally, you should practice this game as much as you can. By playing many times, you are able to get used to the speed and changes of the game.

How to calculate points and win in Slope IO

The score is calculated based on the number of slopes you go through. The more slopes you pass through, the higher score you get. Try your best to survive as long as possible and get the highest possible score. After each game round, you will get an achievement table. See this table for your achievements. However, in order to be able to save achievements, you need to lo into the game with your account.

This game is endless, so winning is when you achieve admirable achievements on the leaderboard. The slope leaderboard displays the best players who get the highest scores today, for 7 days and 30 days, and all-time. Sign up and enter your nickname to save your score. Accumulate your score to raise your name on the slope leaderboard.

More Information

Developer and Release Date

This Slope IO game is released in September 2014 by Y8.com.

Impressive Game Design

It is possible to say that the neon 3D graphics of Slope IO is extremely appealing and the music tune is also really catchy. The surrounding streets and buildings are decorated with green neon. Green makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. This is the reason why blue was chosen as the main color for this game. In addition, the endless and dark space is a contrast to the green. This makes the game's graphics impressive.

Besides, the sound makes the game more attractive. Dramatic sound in each segment. These factors will give you an exciting experience when you play this game.

Unlimited Game Time

You don't need to worry about the time or levels you're expected to complete as this game has no level and no time limit. This game pushes you to improve your reflexes and focus and concentration skills. You can play Slope IO on our website for free. If you find any errors as the game progresses, click the feedback button to send the publisher your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is slope an IO game?

Slope IO game is not a game for multiplayer. Although the name of the game is IO, the number of players is one. You can only play alone for individual achievements. However, if you are looking for an IO game, our website is always available. Go to New Game or Search Game for updates. Besides, you can wait because the new version of Slope will be released soon. You can totally wait for a multiplayer version of Slope.

Is there an end to the slope game?

Whether the Slope game will end or not is still a mystery. No one has been able to reach the end of the game yet. The tracks in this game go on endlessly. The endpoint is something of a mystery. Can you be the first to do this? Get started and challenge yourself.

How many levels are in the slope game?

This game is endless. So the number of levels in Slope IO is infinite. The further you run, the higher your level is. Therefore, the number of levels is uncountable in this running game.


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