About 2048

Welcome to the 2048 game which is a classic puzzle game! You can play this game to improve your calculation and thinking ability through rounds. In particular, this game is suitable for all ages thanks to its simple gameplay and easy controls. This game will be a great choice for you to enjoy the challenge.

What is your mission?

In this game, you will move titles to combine them into larger numbers. On titles, you'll see numbers like 2,4,8,16, etc. Number 2 appears the most. Move these titles. When two titles with the same number collide, they will merge to create a new number that is equal to the sum of the other two titles. For example, when you match 2 titles of number 2 together, you will get 1 title of number 4. Combine 2 titles of number 4 to make 1 title of number 8. The numbers will increase by this level. You need to combine as many titles as possible because there are new titles that appear after each move. After each move you make, titles number 2 or 4 usually appear. Titles with larger numbers will not appear. If you can't match the titles, your board will quickly fill up. As a result, the game is over.

Your playing field is a board consisting of 16 squares. Each square corresponds to 1 title. Don't let the titles fill up. When you make the number 2048, the round is over. However, it is not easy to generate this number. You need to calculate your every move before making it. Although the gameplay is simple, this game will also bring challenges to the players. This gameplay is like the Slope Game. Although the game has simple mechanics and easy controls, players still struggle to get high scores. Can you conquer this game with the number 2048? Start this game now and challenge yourself!


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