About Amongus.io

Build your own territory in the AmongUs.io game. In this game, you will have to dispute territory with other crewmates and expand your territory.

You are familiar with the impostor character in the Space Imposter game. I think you will easily adapt to the game Amongus.io, however, this game has a completely different gameplay. You will be taken to a large map, where the other crews are located. You must dispute with them and expand the territory as large as possible. Play and build the largest territory in the Amongus.io game.

Features of AmongUs.io

  • Simple gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Dispute with other crewmates

How to play

This game has pretty simple gameplay. You just need to use the mouse to control your character. You need to move around the map to expand the territory. During the expansion of the territory, you can destroy the opponent by crashing into them. However, you have to be careful because other opponents can also attack you. You should create a closed circle to mark your territory. This is also a safe place for you to avoid the attack of other opponents.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character to move as you like.

Choose your favorite character and get the highest ranking on the leaderboard

The game also has different characters for you to choose from. Currently, the game has 12 characters. You can choose your favorite character before playing outside the main menu.

In addition, the game has a leaderboard in the upper right corner of the screen. The players with the highest scores will appear on this leaderboard. When appearing on this board you can see how much land you have captured. Let's take the top ranking on the leaderboard.

Some useful tips

  • Attack opponents outside their territory to clear them off the map
  • Quickly create closed circles to mark territory
  • stay in your territory to avoid the attack of other opponents


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