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Atari Breakout


About Atari Breakout

Play the Atari Breakout game and have relaxing moments. In this game, you have to control the ball to collide with the bricks above and destroy them.

Atari Breakout has simple gameplay but is an equally attractive game. You have to control the ball and destroy all the bricks. It is unlike the brick-breaking journey in the game Bombs Drops Physics Balls. In this game, you will destroy a certain number of bricks. You will win when you destroy all the bricks. In addition, you have the opportunity to conquer the game through many different levels. This makes the game fun for brand-new players.

How to play

You have to use a ball to break every brick to win the game. The bricks are at the top of the screen, you move the paddle with your mouse to bounce the ball and destroy the bricks. Make sure that your paddle does not let the ball go over it. For each turn, you will have 3 lives. When you lose the ball 3 times without destroying all the bricks, you lose. Sometimes bricks will also bring you unexpected gifts. For example, It may give you one more ball, however, it will be difficult for you to control 2 balls at the same time. Besides, an additional score multiplier x3 for hard and x5 for impossible is available in hard and impossible mode. The ball will move faster, it requires you to be agile to continue to control the ball.

You will conquer many challenges of the game through 10 levels. Play and conquer all levels of the game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.


  • Quickly get used to the pace of the game.
  • Grab any falling power-ups to get more points.
  • Quickly move the paddle to bounce the ball.


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