About Ball Racer

Welcome to our website's new game, the Ball Racer game! Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to experience the race. However, these races are not by car, motorbike, or bicycle. You will participate in ball races. Your ball will roll across the platforms. Conquer all the stages and win each level!

This game has the same gameplay as the Going Balls game. The Going Balls game will bring races with balls. You also need to complete the levels of the game. There are many levels in this game. Their difficulty will increase over time. Play each level and adapt to the changing game. Each level is a separate map with its own characteristics. Controlling a ball on these platforms is not easy. The similarities between these two games have caused them to be compared with each other. Each game has its own charm.

What is your mission?

In this game, you will control a ball and run to the destination. Move safely to complete a level. However, the movement of this game is quite unique. Your ball will automatically move. You just need to navigate your ball. You need to decide whether the ball should go forward, turn left, or turn right. Going backward is impossible in this game. Turn in time to avoid falling into space. When you fall into space, the game is over. You will have to replay that level. You can only advance to the next level when you complete the previous level. Wish you can conquer all levels in this game! have a nice time!

Remember to collect coins to unlock new balls!


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