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Billionaire Casino Slots

About Billionaire Casino Slots

Do you want to be a billionaire? Let's play the Billionaire Casino Slots. You will have fun when choosing the right cards and getting amazing rewards.

It is completely different from Vex 3. In the Billionaire Casino Slots, you have to randomly choose the cards to clear the casino. For each pair of cards, you choose correctly you will receive an amount of money. However, for every card you turn over you lost a little money. Sometimes, there are so many cards, it is hard to remember which card you turned over. So, you lose more money than you earn. Be patient! You lose money in this turn, but you can earn it in the next turn.

Collect as many cards as you can to become a billionaire.

Features of Billionaire Casino Slots

  • Choose the right pair of cards
  • Collect the money to become a billionaire
  • Practice memory skills

Play Billionaire Casino Slots to become a billionaire

You will have to randomly select cards that you do not know about until they open. Only 2 cards can be selected at a time. When two cards of the same type are selected they are collected. You will continue to open the cards until the casino clears.

For every card you turn over, you lose 10 dollars. However, for each pair of cards you choose correctly you will receive 100 dollars. So, keep in mind the cards you turned over to lose as little money as possible.

Besides, the game has a set time for you for each round of play. If you match all the cards before time-up, you will continue to the next level. If the time is up, you still haven't cleared the casino. Then you lose and all your winnings will be forfeited.

How to control: Use the mouse to turn over the card.


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