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Body Race Online

About Body Race Online

Body Race Online is an exciting online game published by Yad.com. Collect healthy food to have a fit body. Reach the destination to complete a level.

What is the standard of beauty? This game will judge beauty by weight. If you have a fit body, you are a beautiful girl. If you're obese, you won't be up to the standard. This is an unreasonable criterion in real life. However, it was included in this game. The game hopes to motivate players to exercise and eat healthily. The appreciation of the beauty of this game will be the motivation to help you have a healthy body. Do you agree with the point of this game or not? Let's start the game to decide!

In this game, you will control a girl. If in the Run Rich 3D game, you have to make economic choices, this game requires making choices about physique. This girl has a slim body. However, along the way, the girl faces many choices. Hamburger, hot dog, soft drink or broccoli, exercise machine? You need to make a choice to choose one of these objects. If you choose fast foods, you will gain weight quickly. If you choose to exercise and vegetables, you will have a slim body. At the end of the road, you will weigh in. If your weight is in the green area, you will receive a reward. If it is outside the green zone, you will have to replay that level.

This game has many levels. Each level has different challenges. If you want to play a game with more challenges, you can try the Vex game series including Vex 4 or Vex 5. This game will take you to the gaming world with a series of adventures.

Controls in Body Race Online

Control your character to the destination safely. To steer your character, you just need to slide your mouse to navigate for the girl. Navigate the girl to healthy foods. However, this game is challenging because the obstacles are alternately arranged. you are difficult to navigate avoiding them easily. Use your awesome controls to help this girl.


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