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Bombs Drops Physics Balls

About Bombs Drops Physics Balls

Join Bombs Drops Physics Balls to start adventurous quizzes with balls. Aim and shoot balls at blocks to destroy them. Try to gain the best score!

Balls in the Bombs Drops Physics Balls game

This game gives you different experiences with balls. Like the Slope 2 game, this entertaining game is based on the ball theme. You will participate in challenges with round balls. Besides the default ball, you can unlock 11 other balls to enjoy different experiences with this game. Each ball has a different shape with a distinct price. You can unlock any ball you want to start this game. See the list of balls and their prices!

  • Circle Ball: 250 diamonds
  • Plus Ball: 350 diamonds
  • Star Ball: 450 diamonds
  • Clock Ball: 500 diamonds
  • Wheel Ball: 550 diamonds
  • Snow Ball: 600 diamonds
  • Hexagon Ball: 650 diamonds
  • Sun ball: 750 diamonds
  • Flower Ball: 800 diamonds
  • Tornado Ball: 850 diamonds
  • Secret Ball: 900 diamonds


This game gives you 3 power-ups with different uses. You should take advantage of each power-up to play for as long as possible. These power-ups are very helpful for you to control and increase playtime. In particular, in emergencies, using these power-ups will help you overcome difficulties and continue the game. Note that you can collect these power-ups during the game.

List of power-ups

  • Clock Power-up helps you stop the movement of blocks.
  • Ball Power-ups help increase your ball count.
  • Light Power-up helps reduce blocks on the playing screen.

The rules of this bomb game

On the playing screen, you will see blocks with different shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles. They can rotate or stand still. Inside blocks, numbers represent the number of balls you need to use to destroy that block. This is the goal of this game.

You will aim and shoot your ball to the blocks. Numbers in blocks will decrease after each ball collision. Block will be eliminated until this number returns 0. After each ball, blocks will increase by one row. If the blocks reach the ceiling line, the game is over. Try to play this game as long as possible to get the best score. Remember to collect precious diamonds to unlock the balls. The diamonds need 5 collisions to collect.


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