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Cannons And Soldiers


About Cannons And Soldiers

Cannons And Soldiers is a fun shooting game, where you have to use the cannon and shoot cannon bullets that knock out all the enemy soldiers.

The game takes place on the battlefields of ancient Rome, where you will have to defend your territory against powerful enemies. You will not have to kill monsters like in the game, Laser Cannon. In this game, you will have to destroy the enemy's soldiers. Enemies are trying to invade your country and you have to shoot powerful cannons and destroy all of them.

How to play

This game has pretty simple gameplay. You have to align the direction for the cannon and shoot bullets at the enemy. You drag the mouse to increase the power of the cannon. The stronger the bullet you shoot, the more enemies you will destroy. Enemies are only truly defeated when they fall. Each time you play, you will be provided with 4 bullets. You need to kill all the enemies before the bullet runs out. You will fail if you do not kill the enemy before the bullet runs out.

You will be playing the game through several levels. The game has 28 levels waiting for you to conquer. A new level only opens when you pass the previous one. At higher levels, the game becomes more difficult. Enemy soldiers will create shelters to avoid your attacks. You must destroy their shelter before destroying them.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your cannon.


  • You aim the cannon directly at the enemy to destroy them
  • You destroy the enemy's shelter to destroy them
  • You drag the mouse to create powerful shots
  • Depending on whether your enemy is near or far, align the force accordingly
  • You pay attention to the number of bullets in the left corner of the screen


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