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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

About Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

If you are a fan of the Car Eats Car series, you can't miss this new version. This new version is named Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure. As the name mentioned, you can see the context of this game. You will go on adventures underwater where there are strange sea creatures. The seabed is not as peaceful as you think. Coming to the underwater world, you will face tricky paths and countless other obstacles. The difficulty of this game increases with each level.

This game is designed with many different levels. Each level gives players different experiences. If you have not played each level of the game, you will not know all the fun of this game. This game is similar to the Car Eats Car Evil Cars game which is the previous version of this game. Each feature of these two games is similar in nature. However, their details have changed.

Some Information about the Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure game


This game has the same gameplay as previous versions of the Car Eats Car series. Control your car and reach the destination. To reach this goal, you have to overcome many different obstacles. These obstacles will attack you. If your health bar runs out, you lose. Therefore, try to avoid their attack or attack to destroy your opponents first. There are many enemies along the way. Do not hesitate to fight them. You are a car with strong fighting ability.


This game also gives you various power-ups. You can collect them on your way. These power-ups come in a variety of colors. Each color has power. For example, you can speed up or heal with these power-ups.

Cars and items

You will still be able to buy and unlock new cars and items. The cars are still uniquely designed for you to choose from. Remember to buy bombs and gadgets to increase your fighting ability.


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