About Color Slope

Color Slope is an innovative version of the classic Slope game. Do you want to try rolling ball game in a whole new way? Start right now!

In the color-matching game Color Slope, you must match colors while avoiding the level's obstacles. There are numerous stages and difficulties in this game to keep things interesting. Your 3D ball changes color each time it crosses one of the colored ramps. The road is covered in a variety of colored spheres, but your ball can only collide with orbs that are the same color as it. Can you quickly adjust anytime you come across a ramp that changes colors? To collect coins, wriggle between the spheres, being careful to only cross the appropriate barriers.


  • Only orbs of the same color - yellow, purple, or blue - can be touched by your ball.
  • Avoid touching any other orbs while navigating around obstacles and attempting to gather cash.
  • Over time, a colored ramp will materialize in front of you. Once you've leapt the ramp, your shadow will change from one hue to another.

How to play

The gameplay is similar to other slope games. You use the arrow keys to move the ball as you like.


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