About Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is an intriguing obstacle-avoiding game. This game allows you to experience amazing adventures in a colorful tunnel. Try to get the highest score!

In this game, you will participate in high-speed races. Your task is to avoid the obstacles and run as far as possible. However, in order to achieve this goal, you will face a lot of difficulties. You have to deal with countless obstacles and high speed.

Challenges You Must Face

The first challenge is the obstacles. The red obstacles are deadly. The game will be over if you touch them. Try to stay away from them. However, this is not easy. They have many different shapes. The obstacles can be in the form of squares, rectangles, or arcs.

Besides, obstacles appear and move constantly. Their movement speed is also varied. You can overcome stationary obstacles or slow-moving obstacles with ease. However, the fast-moving obstacles are challenging for many players.

The second challenge is the speed of the game. You will move at high speed. In addition, the speed will increase over time. The speed of the game will not slow down. It's fast from the beginning of the game. You must always be ready to take on the running speed of this game. Can you adapt to this fast-paced game? Another game with endless gameplay, Slope IO, will also be a great choice for you. This game will also bring high-speed races. Enjoy now!

Levels in Color Tunnel

This game has many levels. The farther you run, the higher your level is. Each level will give you different challenges. For example, you will have to go through a tunnel full of obstacles at level 1. After that, level 2 will take you to a circular block road. By going to the end of the path you will see a portal. Go through this gate to get to the next level.

More Information

  • Developer: Great Games
  • Date Release: Mar 23, 2018


This game has eye-catching graphics. Each level is a unique colorful path. The tunnels in this game are created by many different platforms. Each background has colorful colors. Each time you enter the game, you will see a separate tunnel. Repetition is there. However, it is not significant. For example, you can see the image above. This is a basic tunnel of this Color Tunnel game. There is a tunnel with blue, red, purple, and yellow backgrounds. In addition, the appearance of red obstacles is indispensable.


When you start a game, you need to pay attention to some stats of the game. Like this image, you can see your level, speed and distance traveled. Your level is displayed in the top center of the screen. Located on the right, there is your running speed. The distance is on the left. You should pay attention to these metrics to keep track of your achievements.

Furthermore, you can see the quick guide to the game. This guide is complete for you to start a new game.

How to control: Use the left and right arrow keys to play the game.


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