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Conquer The City


About Conquer The City

Welcome to Conquer The City - a fast-paced game, where you will have to face many other opponents and have to keep the city safe from invasion.

In this game, you have to make the right decisions to protect your city. You will encounter several different types of enemies, who are always looking to invade your building. It is like Cannons And Soldiers, you have to eliminate all those who want to destroy your building.

This game has excellent sound, eye-catching graphics, and simple gameplay. It is suitable for everyone. Do not hesitate to play this amazing game.

How to play

This game is an easy puzzle game. You will conquer other buildings by connecting 2 buildings. You will draw the lines that create a path for your inhabitants to reach that building. Your residents are blue. When the building turns blue, it means you have conquered that building. In the upper corner of the screen, there is a bar describing the situation of the match. The blue part is you and the red part is the opponent. You need to eliminate the opponent from the map completely. When you attack your opponent, they will also attack you. Attack enemy buildings to attack them before they attack you.

Note: Each building can only be connected to 2 other buildings.

How to control: Use the mouse to draw the lines.

Buy skins for your characters

After each invasion, you will receive a reward. You can use this reward to buy skins for your character in the shop. These skins have different prices and are divided into 3 types. These are skin for the head, weapons, and shield.

  • Heads: bear, chicken, monkey, mouse, elephant, and so on.
  • Weapons: sword, mace, mace, knife, and so on.
  • Shields with special shapes such as book, newspaper, biscuit, and so on.


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