About Cookie Clicker

Play and have moments of entertainment with the Cookie Clicker game. You just need the clicks to create cookies and build a wonderful kingdom.

Cookie Clicker is a fun game, where you can build a kingdom by making cookies. You do not have to make cakes according to the recipe like Donut Cooking Game. In this game, you just need to take a click to create delicious cookies. In the middle of the screen, there will appear a giant cookie. Every time you click on this giant cake, you will get a cookie. When you have enough cookies, you can buy some tools to help you make more cookies. Make lots of cakes and become the King of Cookie Clicker.

How to control: You use the mouse to click on the screen to make cookies.

Some tools

To make a large number of cookies, you can buy tools to help you make the cake. There are some tools that can help you make more cakes.

  • Cursor: It auto-clicks once every 10 seconds, and each cursor produces 0,4 cookies per second.
  • Grandma: Each grandma produces 1 cookie per second.
  • Farm: Grow cookie plants from cookie seeds, each farm produces 8 cookies per second.
  • Mine: It mines out cookie dough and chocolate chips, each mine produces 47 cookies per second.
  • Factory: It produces large quantities of cookies, and each factory produces 260 cookies per second.

Upgrade the tool

You can also upgrade these tools to make them produce more cookies. Each time you update, the price goes up 15% more expensive than the previous purchase.

  • Ambidextrous: The mouse and cursors are twice as efficient
  • Forwards from grandma: Grandmas are twice as efficient
  • Cheap hoes: Farms are twice as efficient
  • Sugar gas: Mines are twice as efficient
  • Sturdier conveyer belts Factories are twice as efficient


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