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Crazy Rushing Ball


About Crazy Rushing Ball

Join the intense race between balls in the Crazy Rushing Ball game. In this game, you have to make spectacular jumps and rush to the finish line.

If you are a fan of speed, this is the game for you. In this game, you will experience high-speed ball control like a Crazy Roll 3D game. You have to move faster than other opponents to become the first one who reaches the finish line. You will face countless dangers on this track. Those dangers can come from traps on the road and they can also be the attack of other opponents. You can use support tools to make it easier to pass the game.

How to play

You will participate in a dangerous race with other opponents. You have to be extremely focused because you have to control the ball at high speed. There are countless dangers lurking in this game, you have to control the ball to overcome these obstacles. Surpass your opponents, take advantage of boosts, and jumps, avoid colliding with walls, and win in this game.

During the game, collect coins to buy skins for the character. there are countless beautiful skins for you to choose from before you start. Choose the best skin and conquer this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your ball.

About boosts

  • The yellow lines on the road will give you a significant boost. Help your ball rush forward and overtake your opponents. However, you also have to be careful because when controlling the ball at high speed, it is easy to have an accident.
  • The red lines are the springboard to help you speed up and quickly overtake your opponent.
  • You can also smash the containers on the track to get more perks. These perks make it easy to avoid obstacles.


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