About Donut Stack

Donut Stack is an adorable baking game. You will collect donuts, bake them to increase their value, and serve them in the restaurant to get money.

If you are a cooking lover, I think you will like the Donut Stack game. If you only need to click to create delicious cookies in Cookie Clicker City, then in this game you need to move to collect and bake cookies. You go through obstacles that make you lose the cakes. You follow the recipe, create delicious donuts and sell them to the restaurant. Let's create the most satisfying cakes for customers and get a lot of money.

How to play

You can create a variety of delicious cakes in this game. You need to follow the recipe and create the most delicious cakes. You need to collect the cakes on the way, you try to collect as many cakes as possible. There will be unexpected obstacles that make you lose the cakes, so protect them carefully. You bake cakes and cover them with cream to increase their value of the cakes. The more cakes you bake, the more money you get. Play and immerse yourself in this amazing game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control their character to collect donuts.

Tips to play Donut Stack

  • Try to collect as many cakes as possible. Try to avoid obstacles on the road so as not to lose the donut.
  • The original value of the donut is 1 dollar. If you want to increase their value, you need to bake and cover them with cream. For each baked donut, their value increases by 2 dollars, similarly, it increases by 2 dollars with a cream cake.
  • Do not sell donuts on the path. You will make more money while selling them to the restaurant.


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