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Draw Attack


About Draw Attack

Build a mighty army and defeat all the enemies in the Draw Attack game. You will use ink to draw your own army and become the winner of every battle.

This is a game with different gameplay. It is not a car-driving game like in Slope Car. In this game, you have to use ink and build your own army. There are many enemies who want to invade your land. You must become a talented strategist to make the right decisions and destroy all enemies.

How to play

This game is quite simple, you just need to use ink to draw soldiers for your army. You will be given a certain amount of ink. You have to come up with the strongest army in the amount of ink allowed. You just need to tap on the screen to draw soldiers. When you have completed your army, you press the start fight button to fight the enemy. You will win when you destroy all red enemies.

How to control: Use the mouse to draw the soldiers.

Types of soldiers

Depending on the number of ink dots, you will draw different types of soldiers, these are types of soldiers.

  • Swordsman (2 drops of ink): This is a low-cost soldier with lightning movement. This type of soldier is capable of close combat
  • Magic crossbow (3 drops of ink): This type of soldier holds a bow and arrow to attack enemies from a distance.
  • Spearman (4 drops of ink): Has high defense and high HP, but relatively low attack ability.
  • Mage (5 drops of ink): Has the ability to attack from a distance. It is recommended to place them in the back because their attack is quite slow.
  • Giant (8 drops of ink): They have excellent resistance. Each hit deals with massive damage attacks.


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