About Fisherman Life

Welcome to Fisherman Life - an exciting fishing game. You control your boat floating in the sea to fish and sell them to expand your territory.

You had a fun fishing experience in Lucky Fisherman, now Fisherman Life let you explore the beauty of the endless sea. You will play the role of a fisherman who is floating for life at sea. You have to fish and sell them to expand the land. In the sea, there are many types of fish, each type will have a different price. The more expensive the fish is, the more strength you will have to pay.

How to play

On the vast ocean, you sail out to sea and fish. You move the boat and control it in the direction of the fish. You move among the fish to easily catch them. When the basket is full you need to sell them to continue fishing. You use the money to expand the land as well as recruit other fishermen to fish with you.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control.

The game has 5 types of fish with different prices. The more expensive the fish sold, the harder it is to catch.

  • The red fish can be for 1 coin
  • The yellow fish can be for 3 coins
  • The green fish can be for 6 coins
  • The orange fish can be for 10 coins
  • The blue fish can be for 14 coins

Tips to play Fisherman Life

Upgrade to make the basket bigger, giving you more time to fish at sea.

  • Recruit new fishermen to fish faster.
  • Upgrade the fishing area to catch fish in the distance.
  • Upgrade the boat speed to quickly catch up with the fish.
  • Push the fish into the corner so they can not run.


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