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Fun Fishing


About Fun Fishing

Fun Fishing is a special fishing game, where you will have a chance to explore the biodiversity of the ocean and use cannons to shoot fishing nets.

It is unlike the fishing journey of the old man in Lucky Fisherman. The Fun Fishing game will surprise you by using cannon to shoot fish. You will be fishing in a special environment. You will shoot fishing nets from a cannon in the ocean. When you catch fish, it will immediately be exchanged for money. Catch a lot to earn a lot of money in this special game.

How to play

You will start your fishing journey in the ocean, where you are allowed to use cannons to shoot fish. You will have the opportunity to discover the diversity of countless types of fish such as clownfish, rays, turtles, and so on. You use the cannon to shoot the nets and catch fish. Depending on the type of cannon you use, the type of fish you can shoot will be different. You can only catch small fish at first. The more small fish you catch, the more gold coins you get. If you have enough money, you can buy a new gun. The new gun will have a higher ability to hit fish and be stronger to catch big fish.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Modes of the game

You can explore this game through 4 game modes.

  • Beginner: This mode is quite simple, you just need to roll out the nets and catch fish.
  • Amateur: Unlocked at level 10, the fish here will be smarter, requiring you to have quick reflexes.
  • Pro-player: Unlocked at level 30, the fishes in very smart mode require your flexibility.
  • Killer: Unlocked at level 50, the player must slaughter all the fish appearing in the ocean.


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