About G-Switch 3

Choose your favorite modes between single-player and multiplayer in G-Switch 3! Avoid obstacles and falling into space. Control a robot to show your skills!

Welcome to the world of running robots! With gameplay similar to Temple Run 2 and Slope Run, this game provides an entertaining environment for running game lovers. You will start the races with challenges and difficulties. However, in this world, you're not hindered by gravity. You can move in a new way. Jumping back and forth in the air. You will continue to run when you reach a safe platform. In addition, the track has two platforms running parallel to each other. You need to jump from platform to platform to avoid obstacles. There are various obstacles like spikes and spiked wheels. You will die if you touch these objects.

Besides that, there are loopholes. You need to avoid them if you don't want the ball to be sucked into space. Run to the checkpoints. Checkpoints will save your run. You can start over from the last checkpoint after dying.

Note that there are ramps that will control two characters at the same time. In this situation, you need to pay special attention because one of the two characters is easily trapped by obstacles.

Modes and Controls in G-Switch 3

The game has 3 modes: Level, Infinite and Multiplayer. You can play alone in Level and Infinite modes. In level mode, you need to reach the destination to complete a level. You will start at level 1: Lime Cityspace, then move to new destinations. Infinite mode allows you to run on an endless road. Run as far as you can to get the highest score possible. Multiplayer mode is the most special mode, you can invite your friends to play.

This game has impressive graphics and amazing effects. Your character runs constantly and needs your help. To assist him, navigate your character. You can click the left mouse button or press any key to change the gravity.


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