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Geometry Jump World

About Geometry Jump World

Play Geometry Jump World to start a new adventure with various characters! You can transform into different characters to overcome tricky roads.

This game has gameplay similar to the Geometry Neon Dash game. However, this geometry game has new improvements compared to previous games of the same theme. Coming to this game, you will be amazed at the number of characters.

Characters in the Geometry Jump World game

There are 7 characters in this geometry game: Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Spider, Robot, and Wave. Each character has a different way of moving on the terrain. You should learn them before starting the official game to make them easier to control. If you do not know how to control these characters, you will have a hard time overcoming obstacles.

  • Cube Character: Has a square shape. The game offers 10 different skins for this character. This character will slide according to the slope of the path. When jumping, the Cube Character will rotate and land on the side. This character often appears on the racetrack, especially in the first levels.
  • Ship Character: This character takes the form of an airplane with 10 different skins. The skins of this character are based on many different animals such as squid, dinosaurs, and eagles. These characters all have unique looks. Ship Characters will fly in the air. When you press the control button, it will fly up and down if you release the control button.
  • Ball Character: This character rolls along the slope of the path. With 10 skins, this character can help players experience the game in a more unique way.
  • UFO Character: This character has the characteristics of a spaceship model. 10 skins are always ready for you to experience. UFO characters will continue to fly through the air like the Ship Character.
  • Spider Character: This character moves on the ground with each step. You can choose one of the 5 available skins.
  • Robot Character: This character will jump on the ground to move forward. Like the Spider Character, this character has 5 different skins.
  • Wave Character: This character has 10 skins with unique moves. Wave characters will move in a zigzag pattern. Up and down with each press and release of the control button.

How to control: Press the left mouse button to control your character.


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