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Geometry Loop Jump

About Geometry Loop Jump

Begin Geometry Loop Jump to experience 102 different levels with a block. Jump over all obstacles and complete 100% of a circle to complete a level.

Are you a fan of geometry games? You are always looking for new releases in this series. This game is ideal for you to experience Geometry in a completely different way. With the Geometry Neon Dash version, you will jump over the obstacles to reach the destination to complete a level. The road is straight. However, this game will take you on a completely different path. This path is circular. It is a closed circle. You need to move on its surface. A level is completed when you have covered 100% of the circle's surface. If you miss a part of the road, you need to move that segment again to be able to proceed to the next level. No surface of the circle is allowed to be ignored.


This game provides 102 levels for players to conquer. To complete all these levels, you will face many difficulties. The difficulty of the game increases with each level. However, you also do not need to worry too much because the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. You have time to get used to those upgrades.


There are two main obstacles in this game: spikes and squares. These two obstacles appear in all levels except level 1. In level 1, you will only see the appearance of spikes.

  • The spikes come in two sizes: large and small. They will change positions. You should be careful. Before changing positions, they will flash to alert other players.
  • Square moves around the circle. You will have more difficulty avoiding collision with this obstacle because it can move closer to sharp spikes. You will only have a small area to jump over.

How to move in the Geometry Loop Jump game

You will press the left mouse button to jump up. Your block will automatically move around the circle. Note that the longer you press the control button, the higher your character will jump.


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