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Geometry Neon Dash 3

About Geometry Neon Dash 3

Join the Geometry Neon Dash 3 game to experience new adventures with your blocks. Various obstacles are waiting for you. Overcome them and complete levels.

The Geometry Neon Dash game comes back with the third version. With the great success of Geometry Neon Dash 2, the publisher quickly brought to the players this new version. This new version will continue between the old rules of the previous versions. You will still need to control a block to jump over the obstacles to reach the finish line. Observe the progress bar at the top to see your position compared to the finish line. Come to the destination to complete a level. There are different levels in this game with many maps. You need to conquer the previous level before proceeding to the next level. Remember to collect stars to unlock new characters. This game continues to offer 20 new characters for the players. You can unlock any character you want with collected stars.

In addition, neon graphics are an integral feature of this series. You continue to conquer the eye-catching and colorful roads of neon color. The game's fanciful lighting will make your game much more interesting.

Obstacles and how to overcome them

  • Spikes: This obstacle is the most common in the game Geometry neon Dash 3. They appear frequently on roads. They are a block with a pointed triangle shape. If you touch them, your block will break. Jump over these spikes to stay safe. Jumping over these obstacles is quite simple because they are quite small. You only need one jump to get through. However, sometimes, they align in a row. You should jump over this area very carefully.
  • Wheels: This obstacle will continuously rotate and come in different sizes. You need to take a big jump to get past the wheels. Wheels often appear singly with only 1 wheel per track. You just need to make sure you jump high enough to get over this obstacle.
  • Blocks: This obstacle often arranges into a wall of various sizes. You can jump up and move up on their surfaces. Avoid colliding with the edges of the blocks if you don't want to end the level there.


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