About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is an exciting online game by Fan Made. Your mission is to control a man to overcome deadly obstacles. Specially, you can create your own mode!

This game has 8 featured levels. Each level gives you a unique experience. Challenge yourself with each level. Find your favorite level. Don't forget to let us know how you feel about this game in the comments section.

List of Levels

  • Obstacles Course: This is a mode for players who love adventure. Your life will become more thrilling than ever. You will participate in obstacle courses. Deadly obstacles keep appearing. However, the difficulty of this level is average. You can easily pass this mode.
  • Gut Bus Extreme: This level gives you a whole new experience. Clinging to a bus to move is completely difficult. Many unexpected events can happen. You need to anticipate and react quickly in all situations to overcome them. Note to press the spacebar to stick to the bus.
  • BMX_Park II: This level gets you back to the obstacle races. However, the jumps get bigger, the loop gets bigger, and the speed gets faster. Besides, you need to pay attention to various obstacles such as spikes, mines, and grinders.
  • SnowyMountain*final*: This level has 7 ways to end. Press the Z key to hold the cable car.
  • Dawn of the Dead.lv1: Mr.Black is a talented scientist. He works for the BioChem lab. However, the laboratory exploded when he went crazy with his crazy experiments. The poisons from the laboratory turned humans into bloodthirsty monsters. Luckily, you have immunity. Look for the antidote to rescue everyone.
  • A large Satan eats u: This level continues with expeditions to Satan where there are thousands of different deadly traps.
  • TrapTrac: This level changes your vehicle into a 1-wheeler. Take control and move forward!
  • It Keeps Happening: At this level, you will give up your vehicle to find a new path. Note that you can stick to everything with the spacebar after pushing.

Controls and Rules in Happy Wheels

Your mission is to control this man. To steer him, you need to use the arrow keys. Up arrow key is used to move forward. The down arrow key is used to go back. If you want to balance your character, you use the left and right arrow keys. Controlling your character is not easy. Men always use some means to go. However, that medium is difficult to balance. This has created a challenge for players.


Moreover, this game has many different obstacles. You can face spikes, grinders, and deadly wheels. Avoid these dangers and move to the finish line.

There are reviews that this game has elements of violence. Publishers should create console games like the Slope 3 game for more entertainment. However, Happy Wheels still won a lot of other compliments. This game is designed with the characteristics of accidents in life. Therefore, it continues to win the protection and attention of many players worldwide.


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