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Healing Rush

About Healing Rush

Healing Rush is launched by Dats Games for players waiting for an idle game. Become a doctor and cure patients. Expand your hospital to treat more diseases.

In the city, people are being infected by various diseases. As a doctor, you need to fulfill your responsibilities. Use all your abilities to heal the people. Each disease needs its own medicine. Let's meet the medical needs of the patient!

Game Controls

This game has easy controls. you just need to slide your mouse to steer your character. Besides, to select options, you just need to use a mouse click. This is a game with simple mechanics.

Graphics of this arcade game

Graphics is simply what this game is all about. You will see the patients and doctors are simple stickmen. The surroundings are also sketches. However, the color is varied. The graphics of this game create comfort.

Your objectives in Healing Rush

Your mission is to cure patients and earn money. The patients will come and the nib will wait in the chair. take them to the hospital bed. Get the right medication for the patient. After the patient is cured, they will automatically leave and leave the money. Collect that money. Money is very important in this entertaining game. You can use the money to hire the staff and nurses. These staff will help you guide the patient and get them medicine. Everything is fully automatic. You just need to go collect money only.

In addition, you can unlock locations and diseases. Initially, the game only provided one hospital bed. To improve work efficiency, you should unlock new hospital beds. Furthermore, you can unlock new clinics. These clinics will treat new diseases. Expand your hospital as big as you can.

Besides, you can perform Daily Quets to receive corresponding rewards. For example, on the first day, you need to treat 10 patients, unlock 5 beds and 1 room, and hire 2 assistants. The total reward you get is 450 dollars and 1 golden key.

However, it is taking longer to unlock more beds and rooms. If you can easily make money and run fast in running games like Vex 4, this game is the opposite. You can just keep calm and treat each patient individually. Then save money to unlock and upgrade your hospital infrastructure.


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