About Hole.io

Hole.io is an addictive multiplayer game developed by Voodoo. Eat as many things as possible to increase your hole size. Eliminate smaller holes to win.

This game is published and released in 2018 by Voodoo. Based on the iScribble.io game, Hole.io is for multiplayer. Since then, the publisher has always developed and improved it. With more than 4 years of existence, this Hole.io game has gradually become one of the most popular io games. To achieve the success it is today, this game has been developed a lot with attractive gameplay and great graphics.

Gameplay in the online Hole.io game

In this game, you will transform into a pit. Initially, you are small in size. However, you can eat objects of the right size to increase the area. The bigger you are, the more things you can eat. Big objects will give you more points. You can eat flowers, plants, trash cans, lights, buildings, etc. Furthermore, you can eat other players. You have the ability to eat the players smaller than you. However, you need to run away from bigger players. These players can attack and destroy you.

Advantages with 4 Main Modes

Compared with popular games at that time like Vex 3 or Aquapark.io, this game has more advantages when there are 4 different game modes.

There are 4 game modes. Each game mode has its own characteristics. If you play Classic mode, you will compete against other players for 2 minutes. Survive and get the best score to gain victory. In Battle Royale, you win if you are the last one standing. Teams mode will put you in team vs team matches. You will be hooked into a random team to fight. Finally, Solo mode asks you to eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes.

Moreover, a leaderboard is always available. You can track today's top scores through this leaderboard.

Game Graphics

The game offers you 15 different maps. Every time you join a match, you can see the map change. Possible maps include City, Medieval, Japan, Sci-fi, Pirates, Farm, Cartoon Town, Vikings, and Industrial. Each map takes you to a different world. In particular, these maps are available. You don't need to unlock them.

Besides, you can choose from available skins. Unlock new skins. Changing skins will help you have a more interesting experience.

How to control: Slide your mouse to steer a hole.


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