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About iScribble.io

iScribble.io is an addictive game for entertainment. Control a square to draw a line and gain land ownership. Don't forget to avoid crashing into other players!

In this game, you will transform into a square. You can choose from many different colors for your character. You can choose from green, blue, yellow, pink, red and many other colors.

Choose your favorite color to start this game. Before entering the official game, you should give your character a name. Naming will make it easier for you to keep track of your rankings in the match.

Rules in iScribble.io

This game has simple gameplay. Just steer your character. You must avoid crashing into the closed circles of other players. If you crash into closed circles, you will die. Otherwise, other players crash into your closed circle, and they will die. To destroy other players, you can stab their tails. There are two cases. If that unclosed line is part of the redundancy of the closed circle, your opponent only loses 1 of that tail. However, if both their characters are not closed, your opponent will be completely annihilated. Moreover, you can draw freely. This is an effective way to entertain. You can relieve stress by drawing the shapes you want. Have a nice time!

How to control: Slide your mouse to control your character.


Is iScribble.io free?

This iScribble.io game is gameplay free. you can play for free when you visit our website. You do not need to pay for each visit. This online version of the game is ready for all internet-connected smart devices.

Is there any similarity between iScribble.io and Slope Run?

iScribble.io is an entertaining multiplayer game while Slope Run is a run game for 1 player. These two games both have interesting gameplay. However, in terms of game characteristics, these two games are completely different. If you want to play Slope Run, our website is also available.


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