About Kittygram

Welcome to the adorable world of the Kittygram game. You need to arrange the right position for the cats and complete all the levels of the game.

They are all puzzle games, however, Kittygram has a different gameplay than Halloween Lines Saga. In this game, you need to arrange the correct positions for the cats. With simple gameplay, you will easily get caught up in the lovely world of cats. In addition, playing this game also helps you train your critical thinking. You use your imagination and find the correct place for the cats and solve puzzles.

Now! Let's see what we can learn from this game.

Features of Kittygram

  • A puzzle game
  • Arrange the cat
  • Easy gameplay
  • Attractive graphic

How to play

To solve the puzzle, you need to find the exact place for the cats. The cats are usually placed in square blocks and come in pairs of 2 or 3. You need to arrange these cats in the box so that there are no gaps. You will use the mouse to drag the cat from the bottom corner of the screen into the box. You need to predict all the positions of the cats before placing them. However, if you put it in the wrong place, do not worry, you can still rearrange cats.

How to control: Use the mouse to drag cats in to box.

Play the game through several levels

You will be playing the game through 8 game modes. The easiest mode is 3x3, you just need to arrange 3 pairs of cats in the box. similarly, the hardest level is 10x10, you have to arrange 10 pairs of cats into the box. In each puzzle mode, there will be 72 levels. Thus, you will have the opportunity to go through 576 levels. Let's play and conquer the levels of the game.


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