About Laser Cannon

Play Laser Cannon to start an adventure and kill monsters. Use your own strategies to solve challenges and difficulties. Get achievements and conquer levels.

An exciting shooting game is waiting for you to experience and conquer. You have always wanted to be a criminal with super sniper abilities. Come to this game to enjoy those experiences. A laser cannon is ready for you to control. Are you ready to join these wars? In addition, this shooting game will not let you down with eye-catching graphics and impressive art animations. Besides that, you can try Slope IO to have a new adventure with a ball.

Your mission in this game

You need to control the laser cannon to aim and shoot the monsters. These monsters can move and are protected by shields. You need to attack them with clever tactics to destroy them with as few shots as possible. This game has many different levels. Each level has a different number of monsters and maps. You need to use your shooting ability to come up with suitable options. These options may not work. However, you do not need to worry because you are not limited to the number of shots. The number of shots only affects the number of stars you get after each level. 3 stars are the most prestigious reward each player receives after finishing a level. Besides, the game will also calculate the time, points, and combos that you use in the game. Can you conquer all levels in this entertaining game? Let's start it now and experience it!

Obstacles and useful items

You can face obstacles. The obstacles will be short to stop you and block all attacks from the monsters. Therefore, you need to destroy the obstacles first or find a way to kill the monsters without shooting directly. Some obstacles such as shields, laser walls, or protective caves.

In addition, this game also provides some items to help players destroy or overcome challenges. First, you can move your laser cannon to more convenient locations for killing monsters. Second, you can use bombs to detonate the monster's base. You can also use blocks to crush monsters.

There are many other items that can help you in this game. Play each level and use them appropriately!

Some achievements you can get in the Laser Cannon game

  • Complete the tutorial levels
  • Kill 2 monsters with one shot
  • Kill 3 monsters with one shot
  • Kill 4 monsters with one shot
  • Kill 5 monsters by a ricochet
  • Kill 100 monsters
  • Pass any level with one shot
  • Pass 15 levels with the best time
  • Pass 10 levels in a row without a restart
  • Make 300 shots
  • Collect 100,000 points
  • Blow up 35 monsters
  • Squash 15 monsters
  • Received 3 stars in all levels
  • Collect all achievements
  • Game completed

You can achieve these achievements through each level. There are achievements you can get after completing a level. There are achievements that will require many levels to achieve. Every achievement is your own effort. Try to conquer all 16 of these achievements!


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