About Parkour Block 4

Play and explore the world in the Parkour Block 4 game. In this game, you will control the character to make jumps and reach the finish line in the set time.

Control the character to overcome the obstacles, you have played the same way in the Jump Ball Adventures game. This game is designed in a first-person perspective to help you get an immersive experience while playing. You jump over the obstacles by letting your character jump over the brown land. You can not let your character fall into the lava below, because your journey will not be saved. If you fall, the game takes you back to the starting point. Your goal is to reach the purple door at the end of the path. You need to reach the finish line in the set time.

Features of Parkour Block 4

  • Control the character
  • Jump to overcome the obstacle

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to control your character
  • Press SPACE to jump

3 modes of the game

You can play this game in different modes: Level Select, Hard mode, and Speed Run mode.

  • In Level Select mode: You can play the game at many different levels. The game has created more than 60 levels for you to choose from.
  • In Hard mode: The game will become more difficult because you have to overcome more obstacles. The distance to the goal was extended by the appearance of small brown land. It takes more effort to reach your destination.
  • In Speed Run mode: There will be a clock in the upper corner of the screen. This clock will count the time you take to complete the distance, the highest result will be saved to set a record. Therefore, you need to try to finish the game as fast as possible.


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