About Rail Slide

Rail Slide is a fun game to get over obstacles like saws and lava with a simple pole. Try to collect as many rails as possible. Lose your pole, lose your game!

In this game, you have to use a rail to slide and move through the obstacles. Avoid sharp saws. They can be on the right or the left, and some move from right to left or above. You should avoid them by swiping the mouse to the right or the left.

Moreover, you also go through the lava paths and you should find the shortest lava paths to minimize their damage.

Besides, you need to collect as many rails as possible. Collecting rails will make your main rail longer. That will help you overcome the obstacles more easily. In particular, when swinging over bridges, the rail will come into play. The bridge has only 2 bars on either side. You need the rail to swing over it. If the rail is not long enough to prop between the two bridges, you will fall into space. The game will end.

A number of Characters and Levels

In this game, there are many characters for you to choose from. However, you need coins to unlock the randomly. The parts of the road are far from each other, you have to catch the rails and slide to the destination to pass the levels.

Many interesting levels of the game are waiting for you. Are you confident with your agility? Rail Slide can help you. Besides that, Vex 3 is also a great game to improve and prove yourself. Let's come to the game and have fun!

How to control: Swipe the mouse to move left or right.


Can children play Rail Slide?

This Rail Slide game is perfectly suitable for children. All ages can play this game because of its engaging gameplay and simple controls.

Is this Rail Slide game free?

Rail Slide is free on our website. You can play this game online on any smart device.


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