About Red Ball 2

Play Red Ball 2 to come back with the second red ball's adventures! Control your ball to explore a deep forest while overcoming obstacles and angry squares.

The adventure of the red ball continues to begin. In this second version, the red ball will explore a deep forest where there are many challenges. That ball is still very brave. He is not afraid of any danger. Let's go with him into the forest. Discover the unknown. Would you dare?

Levels and Challenges in Red Ball 2

This game is set in a forest. This forest has only friends and enemies. Angry squares are always chasing you. They will kill you as soon as they reach you. Be careful! Besides, the fallen trees of the worshiping forest are a challenge for you. You need to jump over them. However, it is not easy because these trunks are too tall. You need to use your wits to find the right methods. You can push small logs to climb. You can also get momentum from the lower trunks. Use flexible methods to overcome all challenges.


In addition, remember to collect stars! There are 75 different levels in this running game. Each level has 3 precious stars. Success is most admired when you win all three of these stars. The stars are often in difficult positions. Therefore, you need to work hard to collect them.

Furthermore, in other running games like Slope 3, you only have one chance to play. However, this Red Ball 2 game gives you 3 times to respawn.

Controls: In order to control the red ball, you need to use the arrow keys. Use the left and right arrow keys to go forward and backward. Use up arrow key to jump. In many cases, you need to combine keys to overcome obstacles. Jumping and moving forward is a good way. Make good use of the skills of the red ball. Get ready to join the adventure now!


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