About Rocking Sky Trip

Rocking Sky Trip is a fascinating game of Gogy.com in which you need to control your ball to avoid obstacles. Reach the destination to complete a level.

In this game, you will have to control a ball to avoid obstacles. Avoiding falling off the space is also important. You can finish a level when you reach the finish line. The goal of this game is simple. However, this game is not easy. You will participate in the races at high speed and full of obstacles. This gameplay reminds us of the gameplay of the Slope 3 game. In both games, overcoming obstacles and avoiding falling into space is a must.

Challenges and Difficulties in Rocking Sky Trip

You will face a lot of obstacles. There are trees, hammers, blocks, and boxes. You will die if you crash into these obstacles. Besides, the game becomes more challenging with the movement of the obstacles. Obstacles like blocks will appear as you go. This will create a surprise. Obstacles like hammers will move. You need to avoid them. Moreover, this game has high speed. You need to adapt to it well if you don't want to lose. Remember to avoid falling into space.

Game Modes

This game has 5 different modes. Each mode has 20 levels. Thus, you can experience 100 levels. In addition, this game is still evolving. It is expected to release many more modes. Follow our website for the latest updates. This game is developed by Gogy.com. You can play this game online on our website. Smart devices such as PC and mobile are accessible.

In addition, each level has a diamond. You can collect 20 diamonds for each mode. The prestigious title is won for you when you collect all the diamonds!

How to control: Slide your mouse or use arrow keys to move the ball.


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