About Roller Splat!

Roller Splat is a wonderful no-paid game. Play this game to solve puzzles to finish your task. Let's make the white roads more colorful with a magical ball.

Roller Splat is released in July 2020 by GameBake Ltd Company. This game will take you on amazing adventures with balls. Although there is the same design based on the ball theme, this entertaining game will bring you new experiences. For example, the ball game, Slope 2, lets you race against time and speed. In contrast, the Roller Splat game has no time restrictions. You have unlimited time to solve tricky puzzles.

The white roads are too boring, you must color them in the Roller Splat game. The ball only rolls on the straight, and you have to control it to go through all the white roads. It's simple to play, but it's hard to master. Sometimes, your ball can't reach the hidden white paths. That is a chance to use your genius brain to solve the puzzles and pass the levels.

Levels and Balls in online Roller Splat

Many different levels have a variety of roads. In the first levels, you can easily fill them with colors. However, in the next levels, the roads are more complicated and you should have a strategy. When you pass the levels. you can get new balls.

In addition, each level is a unique maze. Each maze will give you different challenges. There are small mazes. There are also large mazes. These mazes have very complicated paths. You need to find the right path for the ball.

Another great thing is the balls, you can unlock many different balls. Passing a certain number of levels will help you unlock the ball. For example, if you pass level 10, you will get a baseball. At the end of level 30, you will get the basketball. There are many other types of balls for you like donuts, football, golf ball, melon, pumpkin, and strawberries.

Let's fill the boring white roads with wonderful colors. The game is suitable for all age groups, especially kids.

How to control: Swipe the mouse or use arrow keys to move the ball


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