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Sahara Racer


About Sahara Racer

Participate in endless races in the Sahara Racer game. In this game, you will take part in a closed race and drive your cars to go far on this track.

This is a familiar driving game like Madalin Cars Multiplayer, however, you will experience driving on a closed race track. The game is set in a desert racetrack, where there are cactus bushes. They are everywhere on the track, so you have to be careful if you do not want to get in trouble. You need to drive go through the cactus tufts and try to go far on this track.


  • An exciting racing game.
  • Endless races in the Sahara desert
  • Simple gameplay and easy controls.

How to play

This is an exciting game, where you will be driving on a closed race track. You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive your car through the countless challenges of the game. The main challenges are the cactus bushes that appear continuously along the way. When you hit these cactus bushes, your car will explode, this means the game is over. You notice the blue rings on the map. When you go through the blue rings, it will create a shield to protect your car. Your car will have no problem hitting an obstacle.

How to control: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your car.

Tips to play this game

  • Pay attention to observing the obstacles appearing on the road to be able to promptly avoid obstacles.
  • Avoid the cactus bushes so your car does not explode.
  • Do not hit the wooden pillars on the track.
  • Go through the blue rings to create a protective shield, it will crack when you hit the obstacle. In addition, crashing through the edge of the ring also gives you extra points.


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