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Shape Shift Run

About Shape Shift Run

Shape Shift Run is a thrilling running game with unpredictable shape changes. Adjust your shape to be suitable for obstacles and run as far as possible.

The shapes are so familiar to everyone. Rectangles, circles, and triangles are the three basic shapes. You can see them in many places in everyday life. Now it's included in a new game, called Shape Shift Run. The cubes will perform their race in a particular way. If you are curious, press the button to start the game now. However, be careful! Are you sure you can stop playing this game after starting? It is an addictive entertaining game.

An interesting element of the game is the graphics and effects. You can see the background of the game changes with each road segment. The color of the path and the background color contrast. They come in vibrant and bright colors. That highlights the white color of the cube. Besides, the effect of the game is very nice. Effects make the game look like the Slope 3 game where stars are falling from the sky.

Rules in Shape Shift Run

In this game, you will transform into a character with the ability to change shape. You can alternately be a triangle, a circle, and a rectangle. These three cubes will flexibly transform to fit the track. You need precise timing to change the shape.


Along the way, there are many different blocks. Each block has a blank image in the middle. They will be circles, rectangles, or triangles. These three shapes match the three cubes above. As you move, you need to change shape to accommodate these blocks. If you don't change it in time, you will collide with blocks instead of going through them. As a result, the cube is broken and the game is over.

Moreover, the farther you run, the higher the speed. The track will be divided into small segments with 5 blocks. When you pass 5 blocks, the speed will increase. In order to calculate the score, you will get 5 points for each successful pass through a block. The further you go, the higher your score. Try to survive as long as possible!

How to control: Click your mouse to change your shape.


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