About Shell Shockers

Welcome to the Shell Shocker - a survival shooter game. In this game, you will be equipped with a gun to fight against the enemy on the map.

It is a shooter game like Laser Cannon, but Shell Shockers will give you a more dramatic experience than ever. In this game, you will be an egg equipped with a gun. You are taken to a map with lots of other eggs. In this map, you will use your skills to kill opponents. Try to hide and counterattack so as not to be killed by the opponent.

Features of Shell Shockers

  • A survival game
  • Fight with the enemy
  • Open map

Equip reasonable weapon

Shell Shockers has up to 7 unique guns. Let's choose a reasonable weapon to destroy the enemy!

  • EggK-47: This is a classic gun with strong damage and medium range
  • Scambler: This is a short gun, that triggers 2 shots for critical damage
  • Free Ranger: This is a sniper that can destroy enemies from a distance
  • RPEGG: This is a small magazine with a medium distance and big damage
  • Whipper: This is a Larger Clip full of egg-cracking bullets. Close to medium range
  • Crackshot: This is Bolt Action Sniper- One shot stopping power
  • Tri-hard: This is a 3-round burst, accurate, and medium-range specialist

How to Play

Use guns or some other weapons like grenades, explosives, and tanks to kill enemies. Because this is an open map, there will be nowhere for you to hide. There is only one way, you must destroy the enemy before the enemy destroys you.

Use the key on the keyboard to control your egg

How to control

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use E to change weapon
  • Use Q to throw a grenade
  • Use R to reload
  • Use Space to jump
  • Use Shift to zoom and aim


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