About Slope Game

Play Slope Game to see the highest score you can get! Find the end to the slope game when rolling your ball and raise your name on the leaderboard.

Featuring fast-paced gameplay, this game will put your hand-eye coordination skills to the test. However, if you have ever played the game Slope IO, you will feel familiar with this game. Both of these games take you to the world of speed with balls.

In this game, you have to roll a ball as far as you can. The racetrack fills with deadly obstacles. Red blocks are scattered across the platforms. They can move. Your ball will break into pieces if you collide with these obstacles. Try your best to avoid them. Use your quick eyes and fast hands to master a ball.

Moreover, when your ball rolls through a tunnel, try not to hit its walls. The two sides have red blocks. They are dead zones if you hit them.

Furthermore, the ball rolls at a fast speed, and the slopes are steep and unpredictable. The ball's velocity increases right from the start of the game. When speeding up, the game will notify you. Be prepared to run at a more challenging pace.

The speed of the ball may increase while you are making the jump. It is very dangerous because you do not have much time to get used to this change. Especially, like the photo above, you can face a red block right after. Difficulties follow one another. They appear at the very beginning of the game.

The platforms are not too far apart. You can easily move from platform to engraving platform. However, balancing the ball is not easy. The ball will be tilted according to the inclination of the platforms. Try to keep the ball in the middle of the platform to keep the ball as secure as possible. In addition, the platforms come in a variety of shapes. They can be straight platforms or curved platforms depending on the road segment.

Each time you jump over a new platform, you gain an extra point. Do your best to get the highest possible score. Log in to save your score.

More Information about Slope Game

Developer: Y8.com

Feedback: This game is the original volume of the slope series. If this game has any errors, you can recommend your idea to the developer by clicking on the Feedback button. Send your comments to improve this running game together. Besides that, you can play Slope 2, the next version of this series for comparison.

This game is an endless game. Therefore, the game only ends when you die. In addition, the game has impressive graphics and effects. You can see the background and backgrounds are all black and neon green. Blue highlights on dark background. This has created an impression on this game.

Leaderboard: Based on the number of points you win, you will have a chance to enter the leaderboard. The higher your score, the higher your rank. You can track your rankings by day or by all time.

How to control: Press "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD" keys to control a ball.


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