About Slope 2

Slope 2 is a new ball game released by VSEIGRU.net. You need to steer a ball and make it away from the red squares. Try to get diamonds and gain the best score!

If you want to show your control skills, Slope 2 will satisfy your demand. Like other Slope games like Slope IO and Slope Ball, this game will take you to slope city where speed riders show their skills. This city is an elevated city with platforms. These steep platforms make for an exciting trail to run.

However, this game will give you a unique experience. The first thing that strikes you is the main yellow background. The buildings and platforms are all neon yellow. The yellow color forms the border of the black blocks. You will see their unique contrast. Second, the difficulty of this slope game has been reduced compared to previous versions. Starting the game, you will easily move. The speed and obstacles will become faster and more abundant after you move to level 2. If you are an explorer, this Slope game is a great destination for you.

Principles in the Slope 2 game

You have to control the ball and not get out of the road, collect as many diamonds as you can and avoid the dangerous squares. If you fall into space or collide, the game is over.

However, achieving this goal is not easy. Red objects are dangerous. You need to avoid them at all costs. Obstacles can move, so you need to be careful. In addition, so are the platforms. They can also move. Platforms can shake and throw you off balance. Even the shapes and sizes of the platforms are constantly changing. You need quick reflexes to adapt to change.

Moreover, the further you run, the higher your level is. The speed of the ball is also faster at each level. Therefore, in some situations, don't try to collect all the diamonds because the ball can fall out of the road. Your first priority is to avoid colliding with obstacles and falling into space.

Power-ups and Items You Can Get

Sometimes, you can not finish all these things, there are some support items like shields, magnets, or double diamonds.

  • Shields help you prevent collisions. You have the ability to overcome all obstacles at a certain time. Even if you hit obstacles, you won't die.
  • Magnets help you to attract diamonds from a distance. The diamonds will automatically belong to you even if you don't touch them.
  • You can double the number of diamonds by using x2 diamonds. Use earned diamonds to purchase these power-ups.

Moreover, you can buy other balls with the diamonds you have.

There are various balls for you to unlock. In the picture, you can see some balls like a basketball ball, a beach volleyball ball, and a platform ball. Each ball has a distinct cost to purchase.

You are confident with your skills, you can do three things at the same time. Slope 2 is an ideal game for you. Hope you will have nice hours and relax!

How to control: Use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys to steer your ball.


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