About Slope 3

Slope 3 is an endless slope game upgraded from Slope 2. Control your ball to run and avoid colliding with obstacles. Master your skills and conquer this game!

The slope game comes back with 3rd edition! In this game, you continue your adventures in the city of Slope. In the city with bright neon lights. You will see blue tones. This is the main color of this version. Abyss and buildings were also designed around it. However, you will see innovation in the graphics. The background is the night sky. Twinkling stars filled the sky. It makes this game more eye-catching.

Your task is to control the ball and help it run as far as possible. In order to steer your ball, you need to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate. The ball will automatically move and jump. You just need to change the direction of the ball. However, this game is never easy. You will face many challenges.

Differences between Slope 2 and Slope 3

After the success of Slope IO and Slope 2, the publisher released Slope 3. The publisher wants to give players more different experiences. If other slope versions take you to the world of platforms. this running game volume is the same. You will immerse yourself in exciting races where the platforms are increasingly steep.

However, this 3rd version is considered to be the closest version to the original version, Slope Game. Points will be calculated based on the number of platforms you pass. The difficulty of the game has not changed much either.

In addition, you have no power-ups and skins. The shields or x2 diamonds are no longer available. Instead, you'll be able to sign in with your name to make it onto the leaderboard. When you get a high score, your achievements will be saved. If it is in the top results of the game, you will see your name on the leaderboard. The success will be recorded every day, in 7 days, in 30 days, or at all times.


The highest score in Slope 3 now is 80089 of DEIGO player. Other players such as MCHCKEN33 and 420 also have good points.

Challenges and Difficulties

  • First, you will have to overcome many pink obstacles. The pink walls inside the tunnel are deadly objects. You will die if you collide with them. Besides that, other colored blocks on the way are also dangerous. They can move, so be careful.
  • Second, the platforms are a big challenge. The platforms in this new version have been upgraded. They not only change in size but also change in shape. The platforms are not only straight but also curved and curved. It is challenging to balance the ball on such platforms.
  • Finally, you will run at high speed. Moreover, the speed will increase gradually over time. You will have to use quick reflexes to react in time to different situations.
  • Each jump is a point. The further you run, the higher your score. Run as far as possible. You can put your name on the leaderboard if you get a high score.

How to control: Use the left and right arrow keys to steer your ball.


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