About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is a challenging ball race. Change your character after going across a portal and move to the destination! 11 levels and 7 characters are for you!

This game is the latest version of the slope series. You may be too familiar with games like Slope IO or Slope Game. Now, let's start the latest slope game! Discover what makes this game different from previous versions!

In this game, you will transform into a brave ball. During his adventures, the ball came to a planet where 5 monsters were destroyed. These include T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and the Shark Megalodon. However, after exploring this planet, you discover they are mascots to protect this planet. However, they were blackened and become evil. Find gems to return the mascots to their original state.


However, in this version of Slope Ball, you can only rescue three mascots including T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, and Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus. Stay tuned for the next updates for more new adventures!

Final Goal In the Slope Ball game

Your task is to control the ball. Run and jump over the obstacles to reach the finish line. There are many obstacles on the way. Jump over them if you don't want to die. In addition, you will be able to change the character by going through the portal.

However, it is challenging for you to complete all the levels in this game. You will go through a total of 11 different levels. The difficulty of each level is different. In particular, each level will have different main characters. For example, at level 1, you will see the main character is Ball. At level 2, you will see both Ball and Ship appear. At level 3, you will play with the character Ship. The character change will continue like that.

Items and Characters in this slope game

There are 7 portals with 7 different colors. Each portal will turn you into a character like Ship, Ball, Wheel, UFO, Robot, and Wave.

  • The pink portal creates the character Ship.
  • The orange portal creates the character Ball.
  • The green portal creates the character Wheel.
  • The yellow-orange portal creates the character UFO.
  • The blue portal creates the character Wave.
  • The white portal creates the character Robot.
  • The purple portal creates the character Spider.

Each character has its own way of moving. For example, the ball will move on the ground in a straight line. In contrast, the Ship will fly in the air. Moreover, you will collect a lot of items. The jumping pads will help you jump every time you touch them. You can also collect 5 types of speed items to get different movement effects.


In particular, you can choose your favorite characters for free. The Slope Ball game is free from gameplay to items. Each character has its own skin. Furthermore, these skins are unique. Do you like funny balls that look like cartoon characters? Or do you like the cool looks of monsters? Choose your own character!

Note that you should disable Training mode. The training mode will require you to replay level 1 to practice. So you should turn it off if you don't want to repeat the levels.

How to control: Use a mouse click or press the up arrow key to jump.


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