About Slope Bike


There are 9 bikes for you to choose from. You can play with the available car at the start of the game or unlock new bikes. These bikes cost between 100 and 2,000 diamonds. These cars are designed differently, so their prices are also different. These cars are totally worth the diamonds you use.


This game gives you 3 special abilities: Shield, Magnet, and x2 Diamond. Shields protect players against collisions and other damage on the track. Magnets help you attract diamonds from a distance and x2 Diamonds help you double the number of diamonds collected. Please upgrade these power-ups to be able to use them more effectively. You will need 500 diamonds to upgrade the Shield. 300 diamonds are the required amount to upgrade the Magnet. And it is 200 diamonds for x2 Diamonds.

Your mission in this slope bike game

You must control your character to avoid obstacles. Run as far as possible. The further you run, the higher your level. Besides, your score also increases with each path you complete. Remember to avoid obstacles by moving to the right or left. The obstacles are arranged randomly. They create an interesting challenge for players to experience. You should also collect as many diamonds as possible. These diamonds can be used to unlock new bikes or upgrade power-ups. Of course, you can use power-ups during gameplay to improve running performance.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this slope game? This game is similar to the Slope 2 game. However, the character between the two games is different. One game requires you to control a ball while the other requires you to control a bike.

How to control: Use the A, and D keys or the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.


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