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Slope Car Stunt

About Slope Car Stunt

Control your car across platforms and run as far as you can. Try to avoid obstacles and avoid falling into space. If they happen, the game is over. The further you run, the higher your level is. Besides, you should use jump steps to jump further. There are platforms far apart. You cannot jump from platform to platform in the usual way. Remember to collect as many diamonds as possible to unlock new cars and upgrade power-ups. You can use power-ups to play this game more efficiently.

Compare the Slope Car Stunt game and the Slope 2 game

It is believed to be the Slope Car Stunt game inspired by the Slope 2 games. These two games have many similarities. You can easily realize the similarities between 2 slope games. Even, you can see it from their name. The theme is the same as the slope topic.

Besides that, the gameplay is the same. You need to control your character to avoid dangers and try to get the highest score possible. This simple and attractive gameplay has attracted millions of players around the world. This game also offers Shop and Upgrade like Slope 2. You can unlock many cars in the Shop to enjoy the race in different ways. These cars are all designed differently to ensure visual diversity.

Moreover, you can upgrade 3 power-ups in this game. 3 power-ups are completely similar to the game Slope 2: Shield, Magnet, and x2 Diamond. You can use these power-ups in races.

The difference between these two games is the graphics and the main character. The yellow neon graphics in Slope 2 have been replaced with retro graphics. Glass buildings appear through each race. In addition, the ball was no longer in use. You will start the races with a car.


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