About Slope Cyber

This Cyber ​​Slope game allows you to purchase and upgrade different items. First, in the shop, you can buy 9 balls to participate in the races. These balls have different designs. As a result, the price of each ball is also different. You will get a free ball at the start of this game. Other balls require you to unlock to use. These balls cost between 100 and 2,000 diamonds. You can unlock any ball you want as long as you have enough diamonds. Second, you can upgrade the power-ups in the game. You can use these power-ups during the game, so you should upgrade as many times as possible. The Shield that helps you avoid damage requires 500 diamonds to upgrade. You need 300 diamonds to upgrade the Magnet which attracts diamonds from a distance. x2 Diamonds is the ultimate power-up that doubles the number of diamonds you collect. Use 200 diamonds to upgrade this power-up.

Theme and gameplay in the Slope Cyber ​​game

This game will take you to a cyber city where there are skyscrapers. However, the appearance of the buildings is very eerie. They are like factories that have been abandoned for a long time. The plates have turned rusty. But they still have lights on. A mystical setting for you to take on the challenge in this slope game.

Your task is to use a ball to roll along the slope and try to run as far as possible. This rule is similar to the rule of the Slope 2 game. The further you run, the higher your level. Your score will also increase. How many meters can you run? Start the game and show your control!

Note that you have to face many difficulties. Platforms have many shapes and sizes. You will have a challenge adapting to the platforms. Moreover, platforms may wobble. It is difficult to balance your ball on these platforms. Try to stay calm and avoid falling into space because of these platforms. Besides that, obstacles are deadly objects if you collide with them.


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