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Slope Extra

About Slope Extra

Slope Extra is an exciting ball rolling game. You have to avoid obstacles on ramps. Experience rolling downhill in a beautiful neighborhood right now!

Welcome to Slope Extra, a fantastic game. On this ramp, there are a variety of hazards that you must avoid. Sometimes these obstructions get in your way, forcing you to pass to the right or left. You occasionally have to jump over barriers. You occasionally have to overcome challenges. The individual who can roll the ball the farthest wins, but you must be aware of the obstacles as you dodge and navigate through the narrow metropolis.

You have a ball that is rolling under the control of a mission system, and it keeps speeding up. You will run into new obstacles as you attempt to travel the farthest without running into any. There are a total of 30 missions, and each just requires that you travel 1000M and use your stay twice. For completing these missions, you will receive "X" points. Your distance factor is at this location. More points are awarded to you the higher your "X" score is.

The store menu for this game lists 16 balls. With the blue diamonds you earn while playing the game, you can buy these balls. The purchased ball will also show up on the leaderboard. Who has the coolest ball to buy?

How to play

Use the mouse to control the ball left or right to avoid obstacles.


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