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Slope Racing


About Slope Racing

How to reach the finish line with limited energy? This challenge is extremely difficult to play even for professional racers. In this game, you will control a car to reach the destination. However, you only have a limited energy source. Take advantage of the slopes to move the vehicle with the least amount of energy. You lose if your car overturns. Try to keep your car safe!

Balance is an important skill in this game. This skill is similar to the skill required in the Slope 2 game. In Slope 2, you need to balance the ball to pass the platforms, especially the wobbly platforms. In the Slope Racing game, you also need to keep your balance but keep the car balanced.

Maps and cars in this slope game

There are 15 maps in this game. You can play on existing maps or unlock new maps. Each map has a different terrain for the races. Driving on many different maps will give you a lot of fun. You can check out the prices of the maps below.

Snow Strom: Free

Desert Level 1: 20,000 coins

Desert Level 2: 25,000 coins

Spring Mountain 1: 15,000 coins

Spring Mountain 2: 18,000 coins

Countryside Level 1: 10,000 coins

Countryside Level 2: 10,000 coins

Night Level 1: 28,000 coins

Night Level 2: 30,000 coins

Winter Mountain: 32,000 coins

Mars Level 1: 100,000 coins

Mars Level 2: 34,000 coins

Desert 1: 36,000 coins

Old Forest Level 1: 38,000 coins

Old Forest Level 2: 40,000 coins

In addition to terrains, these maps also vary in weather. You can experience driving during the day or night. You can also drive in winter or spring. You can unlock any map to start the game. Besides, this game also offers 12 vehicles. Unlock and upgrade your car's engine to run more efficiently.


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