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Slope Run

About Slope Run

Play Slope Run online with 2 game modes! It is an enjoyable 3D adventure game to explore the endless universe while running and jumping over platforms.

Your task is to control the ball to jump from platform to platform. You should be careful with platforms because they come in a multitude of sizes and the spacing between them also varies. You can face thin brown platforms that collapse after you touch them. These platforms also create a new challenge for you when they are interspersed with each other. You should choose solid platforms to jump on. You should only jump on thin brown platforms when you have no other choice. In many cases, these thin brown foundations are joined together. They will fall in series with your touch.

Besides, you also need to avoid falling into deep holes because if you fall, the game will be over. Overcome challenges and achieve remarkable achievements.

In order to keep the ball safe, you must not only jump but also rotate the platforms. The platforms will be arranged like a tunnel. You can rotate this tunnel. If you just jump through the tunnels, you may not reach the target platform. Platforms may be far apart. In this case, you can just rotate the tunnel platform to point towards the platform on the other side.

Choose your favorite game modes

Explore the planets in this fun running game. In this game, you can choose one of two modes to explore exciting tracks.

The first mode, Level modes, will take you on adventures to explore different branches. Each branch carries its own theme. You can unlock branches and tracks in Minimap. For example, you can discover the first branch when you complete level 16.

The second mode, Infinite mode, allows you to run on endless tracks. The farther you run, the higher your score. A high score will help you enroll on the leaderboard.


It is not easy to enter the rankings. You can see the all-time rankings as of August 22, 2022. The points are only slightly different but make a difference in rankings. Moreover, the top players always try to get higher scores. It is also a way for them to maintain their position. In particular, FLIKZ players occupy 5 out of 7 positions in the rankings. Can you do the same success as this player?

Besides, you can also put your name on the chart today, 7 days and 30 days.

More Information

Features of Slope Run

  • The intriguing arcade and adventure game
  • 2 game modes with various branches
  • Great graphics and art animations

The game has eye-catching graphics and great effects. Space wallpapers are great to experience to relax and relieve stress. The theme in this game is designed based on the endless universe. The tunnels are placed suspended in space. Twinkling stars appeared in the distance. The most beautiful and peaceful images of the galaxy have appeared in this Slope Run game.


There are many planets you have never seen. There are also planets that are familiar to you. They are all ready for your visit.

How to control: Use the up arrow key to jump and the left - right keys to rotate platforms.

More games: You can try Slope IO and Slope 3 to experience more about the slope game series. These two games will take you to worlds of exciting new challenges.


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