About Slope UFO

Welcome to the Slope UFO game! Come to this game to enjoy a thrilling galaxy adventure with a UFO! Have you ever dreamed of exploring the infinite universe? Have you ever wanted to fly with a UFO to explore other planets? The universe is vast, so it will not be easy if you want to conquer it. Come to this game to enjoy the feeling of discovering the galaxies. Dark sky backgrounds with twinkling stars always appear in this game. Wish you moments of great enjoyment!

In this game, you will control a UFO. This is a completely new character in online slope games. You may have played many other slope games before. However, this game is the only game related to UFOs. For example, you can control a ball in the Slope 2 game to overcome tricky platforms. Or you have also controlled a stickman to conquer a series of obstacles in the Vex 3 game. The game gives you a different character. In the Slope UFO game, the UFO character is special and fits the galaxy theme very well.

Your mission in this slope game

This game is an endless game. You need to control your UFO to avoid the obstacles on the way. There are various obstacles of various sizes. In addition, the location of the offering obstacles varies. You need to avoid colliding with them to continue the race. In addition, you also need to avoid colliding with the edges of the playing screen. The game will be over if you collide with them.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to fly upwards. Release it to fly down.


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