About Space Imposter

Play and conquer the deadly adventure in the Space Imposter game. You will get lost in a strange space, where you have to jump over different obstacles.

It is inspired by the character Imposter in the Impostor Sky Ski game, the Space Imposter game will not let you down with its difficult challenges. You have entered a strange world filled with dangerous obstacles. You must control your character to overcome the obstacles and find the exit safely.

Features of Space Imposter

  • A survival game
  • Play in a dangerous world
  • Play through numerous obstacles

How to play

This is a strange world filled with many dangers. You will have to perform somersaults and spectacular slides to pass the challenges. Obstacles such as axes and spikes are arranged everywhere along the way. You need to be very careful not to fail. Make continuous jumps to pass the challenges of the game.

You will be playing through countless levels of the game. The difficulty will increase gradually through the levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the game will be. Obstacles will appear constantly, it requires you to have good reflexes.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Use the left arrow to stop
  • Use the right arrow to move toward
  • Use the down arrow to slide

Some useful tips

  • Pay attention to the movable obstacles on the road. If you stumble upon them, you need to stop the character immediately so as not to fail.
  • You can hold the right arrow to make your character move faster. However, you need to control the speed of your character, because moving at a fast speed will be difficult to avoid obstacles.
  • Press the up arrow button twice to jump higher
  • Slide to avoid the obstacles above
  • Collecting stars on the way.


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