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Stack Ball Fall 3D

About Stack Ball Fall 3D

Play Stack Ball Fall 3D, an ideal game to relax in your free time. It's easy to win. Press and keep your left mouse button to destroy all platforms on levels.

Are you ready to participate in the superb arcade game? Come to this game to experience adventures of the falling ball through stages. You can entertain, relax and reduce stress with this single-player game. Let's press the start button and enjoy!

In this game, your mission is to move to the destination to proceed to the next level while avoiding colliding with the black parts of the platforms. The platforms create a helix and this game requires you to destroy this helix. The pole automatically moves continuously, so be careful when moving.

You can gather energy and build an energy circle. When this circle is full, you have the ability to destroy any platform, even black platforms. Enjoy this game with various levels and challenges!

Level and Achievement in the Stack Ball Fall 3D game

There are many levels. Each level has a different arrangement of platforms and helixes. You need precise timing to destroy the platforms at the right time. One second mistake can also cause you to start the level again.

Furthermore, you get one point for each destroyed platform. The more platforms destroyed, the higher your score. Therefore, try to conquer as many levels as possible. When you die, your score will be recorded. When you start over, you can replay that level. However, your score will start at 0.

Many people think that this game is difficult to get a high score. However, if you have ever played Slope IO or Slope 2, you will feel the game Stack Ball Fall 3D is much easier. Running games like the above Slope games often have to face a lot of obstacles to win points. This game has only one principle. Avoid black backgrounds. Your points are added from level to level if you don't die. It is an easy scoring method for all players. Achievement is a process. Therefore, adding points through levels is understandable.

How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to fall.
  • Release it to stop.


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